Store Services

Specialty...’s that practice that makes Jones’ Food Center unique. Perhaps it’s our attention to G.R.E.A.T. customer service. Maybe it’s that fact that we will guarantee only the freshest meats available including hand cut, USDA Choice Angus Beef. It could be the great items that we make from scratch and are only available in our stores…items that customers come back for time and time again. It may even be the fact that we are locally-owned and operated, a pleasant shopping experience when compared to those big, “drab” box stores that a person could spend all day walking around in trying to find someone who can honestly answer a question.

Jones’ Food Center is all this and more. We’re very proud of the reputation that we have as a store that customers consider “their own store,” where everyone knows everyone and you are treated with the utmost honesty, consideration and respect. You just don’t find that everywhere, anymore.

We’re particularly proud of our customer service. At Jones’ Food Center, our team will greet you, react to your needs, escort you to things in which you are looking for, anticipate that you may need help and ask how they can help and finally, they will thank you. They will thank you for choosing us as your shopping destination. We certainly realize that you have many shopping choices, and the fact that you chose us, means a lot.

And we still carry out your groceries to your vehicle. In an age where the big box stores are removing carry out service and drive-up service in order to save money on payroll, we feel that carry out service is still the utmost of service that you can and should, receive.

  • Carryout to your Car
  • Postage
  • Copy/Fax Services
  • Phone Orders
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Cake Decorating
  • Gallon Water Refill Station
  • Vacuum Center
  • Fruit/Gift Baskets
  • Rock Solid Gourmet Coffee
  • Propane Exchange
  • Greenhouse (Seasonal)

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